In the community: Open data in academic publishing

Learn more about how Dryad has supported data sharing since our inception in 2008, and the impact we have in advancing scientific research in this recent presentation by Dryad’s Executive Director, Jen Gibson. Continue reading

Leaders in open data: Journal editors boost standards for data sharing

One of the key drivers of Dryad’s success in the years since we first went online in 2008 is our connection to journals and the research publication workflow. While now supporting data submission at any point in the research process, and showcasing data and analysis as independently important contributions to research and discovery, our ability to capture data at a crucial point in the investigator’s path to publication remains very powerful.  Continue reading

Dryad in the community: Everything you always wanted to know about the SCOSS 4th pledging round

In this webinar, hear from SCOSS Board representatives regarding the SCOSS vetting process, and hear from representatives of the three infrastructures selected for this year’s SCOSS cohort, including Dryad’s Head of Community Engagement, Sarah Lippincott, introducing their organizations and their paths towards sustainability. Continue reading