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Dryad is a curated general-purpose repository that makes the data underlying scientific publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. Any journal or publisher that wishes to encourage data archiving may refer authors to Dryad.  Dryad welcomes data submissions related to any published, or accepted, peer reviewed scientific and medical literature, particularly data for which no specialized repository exists.

Journals can support and facilitate their authors’ data archiving by implementing “submission integration,” by which the journal manuscript submission system interfaces with Dryad.  In a nutshell: the journal sends automated notifications to Dryad of new manuscripts, which enables Dryad to create a provisional record for the article’s data, thereby streamlining the author’s data upload process. The published article includes a link to the data in Dryad, and Dryad links to the published article.

The Dryad documentation site provides complete information about Dryad and the submission integration process.

Dryad staff welcome all inquiries. Thank you.


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  1. Is there any plan to expand the number of publishers and journals you connect with to the Wildlife Management area? Our scientists publish in both the ecology and wildlife fields but wildlife mgt is often a neglected area.
    Diana Dwyer
    USDA National Wildlife Research Center

    • Yes, Dryad is actively expanding and embracing new journals and publishers. We welcome data submissions from authors, journals and publishers from the field of Wildlife Management, and I would be glad to talk to you further about how we can collaborate to encourage data archiving. I will contact you directly to provide more details.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Peggy Schaeffer, Dryad Communications Coordinator

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