Open Data Digest special edition: Climate change adaptation needs a science of culture

Compelling data at the intersection of climate and culture. A collaboration with the special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. Continue reading

Open Data Digest: September 2023

Your monthly round-up of open data, featuring some of our most viewed publications from researchers around the world. Subscribe today to receive the Open Data Digest directly in your inbox. MEDICINE Aberrant oligodendroglial-vascular interactions disrupt the Blood Brain Barrier triggering … Continue reading

New at Dryad: Donna Okubo joins the team

We are so pleased to announce that open access veteran and renowned alliance-builder Donna Okubo has joined Dryad as Strategic Partnership Director and will lead our efforts to expand the Dryad membership among academic and research institutions and funders in … Continue reading

New at Dryad: Support for NIH-funded researchers

As the National Institutes of Health (NIH) new Policy for Data Management and Sharing goes into effect, NIH-funded researchers may be wondering how to ensure they comply with the new requirements. Dryad’s curated data publishing service provides an excellent option … Continue reading

Dryad in the community: New data sharing mandates and the role of academic libraries

Available to watch now: “New data sharing mandates and the role of academic libraries” presented at the 2023 Library Publishing Forum.  Whether libraries become data publishers themselves or provide the types of support services that make data publishing possible–such as training, planning, … Continue reading

Dryad in the community: Connecting global communities through open data publishing

Available to watch now: “Connecting global communities through open data publishing”. Dryad helps institutions and publishers serve local or community-specific needs for trustworthy, standards-based data curation and publishing while benefiting a global community of researchers. In this presentation, Dryad’s Head … Continue reading

Good data practices: Removing barriers to data reuse with CC0 licensing

Guest post contributed by Bryan Gee, Data Curator at Dryad. Why is CC0 a great choice for open data? Learn to love this frequently misunderstood license waiver. Authors who submit data to Dryad are asked to consent to the publication … Continue reading