In the community: Open data in academic publishing

Learn more about how Dryad has supported data sharing since our inception in 2008, and the impact we have in advancing scientific research in this recent presentation by Dryad’s Executive Director, Jen Gibson.

As part of the IntechOpen Journals webinar series, Engaging with Open Science 2023, Jen highlighted the crucial role that Dryad has played in making research data accessible to the wider community, boosting collaboration between researchers, and promoting the open sharing of data. Jen emphasized Dryad’s key achievements, including the establishment of strong partnerships with scientific publishers and academic journals and the development of customized tools and software to streamline data sharing.

“As data-sharing practices and policies grow more widespread, it’s more important than ever that we work with researchers to build processes and systems that effectively support them – and that unlock the potential for data re-use.”

– Jennifer Gibson

View the recording to gain insights into the challenges faced by researchers in managing and sharing data, the innovative solutions that Dryad has developed to address these challenges, and how our efforts contribute to scientific progress.


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