For journals: Integrate with Dryad now with eJournalPress

Journals using eJournalPress (eJP) to manage submissions and peer review can help authors make research data openly available and reusable through our seamless, API-level integration.

The integration is free and simple for journals on eJP to activate and helps ensure that research data at Dryad and related manuscripts are properly timed for curation and publication. 

Through the secure API workflow, authors may submit data to Dryad at any point during submission, according to the journal’s policy. When they click to submit data, the author is transferred to Dryad, where relevant metadata has been auto-populated and where they can edit that metadata, add additional information, and complete the upload. 

Screenshot from eJournalPress software showing where authors are prompted to deposit data to Dryad.
Screenshot from Dryad's submission process showing where authors can supply a manuscript number from a journal that uses our eJournalPress integration and automatically important metadata.

Once done, authors are seamlessly brought back into eJP along with the dataset DOI and citation. Data submitted to Dryad may be reserved for peer reviewers, and only curated after article acceptance, using our ‘private for peer review’ functionality. Through the API, eJP will update the status in Dryad when the related manuscript has been accepted. Dryad will then automatically release the dataset to be curated and published.

Andy Collings, Executive Editor at eLife, where the integration was activated in 2021, commented: “The API connection eliminates manual processes and saves our team time. Year on year, eLife is a top submitter of data to Dryad and, as even more data is expected to be shared in the near future, automated processes are essential.” 

In support of open science and emerging requirements from research funders, a growing number of journals and publishers are investing in Dryad for the curation, open sharing and reuse of research data in all fields. Learn more here.

Anna Jester, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for eJP, added: “Providing authors with streamlined ways to upload their data to a trusted repository is a timely benefit and speaks to Dryad’s mission to make research data discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. eJournalPress is thrilled to provide tools that help further that mission.”

To kick start the integration now, please contact us via 

For a demo of the feature set, please join us for a webinar on February 21. Dryad Senior Developer Ryan Scherle and eJournalPress Vice President of Sales & Marketing Anna Jester will explore the benefits of the integration and be available to answer your questions.


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