Open Data Digest: November 2023

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Hotspots in the grid: Avian sensitivity and vulnerability to collision risk from energy infrastructure interactions in Europe and North Africa
Gauld, Jethro George et al.

Geolocation data on 1,454 birds from 27 different species in Europe and North Africa to identify areas with the highest risk of colliding with energy infrastructure like wind turbines and power lines.


The African development corridors database 2022
Thorn, Jessica P.R.; Mwangi, Ben; Juffe Bignoli, Diego

Comprehensive database of 79 ongoing and planned investment corridors across Africa, synthesizing data from multiple sources covering 184 projects on railways, wet and dry ports, pipelines, airports, techno-cities, and industrial parks.


Systemic racial disparities in funding rates at the National Science Foundation
Chen, Christine et al.

Data collated from publicly available annual merit review reports published by the National Science Foundation, including demographic categories like gender, race, disability, and career stage.


A ten-year (2009–2018) database of cancer mortality rates in Italy
Di Paola, Arianna et al.

A database compiling standardized mortality ratios (SMR) for 23 different types of cancer in Italy at the municipal, provincial, and regional levels, spanning the decade from 2009 to 2018.


Exploration of plastid phylogenomic conflict yields new insights into the deep relationships of Leguminosae
Zhang, Rong et al.

Plastome-scale data from 187 species in the Leguminosae family to better understand the complex relationships within the Angiosperm tree of life.


Data from: The SCOC database – a large, open and global database with sediment community oxygen consumption rates
Stratmann, Tanja et al.

Nearly 3,000 georeferenced records from 208 studies of sediment community oxygen consumption (SCOC), selected using a systematic review and meta-analysis approach.


Data for: Immunogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 spike antigens derived from Beta & Delta variants of concern
Akache, Bassel et al.

Data from mouse trials of novel antigens targeting Beta & Delta variants of COVID-19.


Amazon forests capture high levels of atmospheric mercury pollution from artisanal gold mining
Gerson, Jacqueline et al.

Data from water, soil, and air samples from the Madre de Dios region of Peru showing the effects of intact Amazon forest on mercury levels near artisanal gold mines.


Cross-sectional study of Facebook addiction in a sample of Nepalese population
Atreya, Alok; Nepal, Samata; Thapa, Prakash

Results from a survey of 103 Nepalese Facebook users, evaluating their responses against the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale.


Source Data for Crowdsourcing Bridge Dynamic Monitoring with Smartphone Vehicle Trips
Matarazzo, Thomas et al.

Data collected by smartphone mobile sensors in moving vehicles as they cross over the Golden Gate Bridge.

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