Reflecting on open data present and future: Recordings from Dryad’s Annual Community Meeting

Dryad’s Annual Community Meeting brings together our vibrant, multi-stakeholder community to share knowledge and reflect on the state of open data and our organization. This year, our lineup of speakers included representatives from our academic library and research society members and the Dryad team.

Brooks Hanson explored the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on scientific research, emphasizing the importance of interoperable and reusable data, interdisciplinary collaboration, and societal trust in scientific integrity.

Jenny Muilenburg provided insights into the decision-making process and factors that led the University of Washington to partner with Dryad, considering the institution’s research funding, existing infrastructure, and the need for compliance with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) policy.

Ryan Scherle highlighted Dryad’s commitment to openness and community involvement in our software development process. He describes current and planned ways for members to provide input on major features.

Sarah Lippincott offered an overview of the state of Dryad, including key metrics and milestones about our membership, data curation, and top partnerships. 

Watch the recordings here.

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