SCOSS: New institutions pledge support for Dryad

Dryad is deeply grateful for the support of thirteen institutions who have generously contributed to us through SCOSS so far this year, and the three consortia who have organized pledging campaigns. SCOSS investments are so important to help build sustainability for Dryad and ensure the long-term health of our data curation and publication service. SCOSS support helps Dryad bring new members into our community; strengthen our connection with current members and users; and stay at the forefront of best practice for data-sharing and building best practice for data reuse. As global attention turns to the importance of curating, openly sharing, preserving and reusing all research data, we are especially grateful for the support of the following SCOSS donors. 

Council of Australian University Libraries (CAUL)

  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Melbourne
  • Auckland University

Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN)

  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Mount Royal University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of the Fraser Valley
  • University of Saskatchewan


  • Université de Lausanne
  • ETH Zürich
  • Lib4RI

Independent contributions

  • Iowa State University

SCOSS members, please pledge today; contact Donna Okubo donna [@] datadryad [dot] org.

SCOSS brings together a global network of institutions united around the common goal of investing in open infrastructure to support the future of open science. The SCOSS community identified “FAIR Open Access repository services” and “open research data infrastructure and services” as two of the three top funding priorities for the current cycle. 

We thank all of the institutions who have taken action so far through their generous contributions. To learn more about how your pledge can support our community-owned infrastructure, download Dryad’s informational flyer and watch our 2-minute video introduction. To pledge now, contact Donna Okubo donna [@] datadryad [dot] org.


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