Dryad in the community: Connecting global communities through open data publishing

Available to watch now: “Connecting global communities through open data publishing”.

Dryad helps institutions and publishers serve local or community-specific needs for trustworthy, standards-based data curation and publishing while benefiting a global community of researchers.

In this presentation, Dryad’s Head of Community Engagement, Sarah Lippincott explores the challenges and opportunities inherent in building a platform that can simultaneously serve the needs of a wide range of research communities, bringing their data into a global conversation.

What you will learn about: 

  • Dryad’s collaboration with publishers which empower disciplinary communities to engage with data sharing best practices.
  • Dryad’s collaboration with institutions from around the world.
  • How Dryad is helping to create a global fabric for data sharing and reuse. 
  • How Dryad is influencing and informing global open knowledge infrastructure. 


Feedback and questions are always welcome, to hello@datadryad.org. 

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