Product update: Editorial Manager integrates with Dryad

Journals using Editorial Manager (EM) to manage submissions can now help authors to make research data openly available and reusable through our seamless, new API-level integration.

The integration is free for journals using EM to turn on and helps ensure that research data at Dryad and related manuscripts are properly timed for curation and publication. 

Through the secure API workflow, authors may submit data to Dryad from the point of submission at EM, if that’s the journal’s policy. The author moves seamlessly between the EM and Dryad platforms to submit data and then return to EM and resume work on their manuscript. Data submitted to Dryad may be reserved for peer reviewers, and only curated after article acceptance, using our ‘private for peer review’ functionality. 

The integration helps both systems keep track of the manuscript status and stages of the workflow. And, it can facilitate transfers of submissions between journals. In the event of a transfer of manuscript from one journal to another, the Dryad deposit attached to the original submission can travel with it to the receiving journal.

A screenshot of Dryad’s integration with Editorial Manager, showing how authors can indicate during the article submission process that they would like to upload a dataset to Dryad.

In a webinar co-hosted by Aries and Dryad, Anton Heimann, Account Manager for Aries Systems said, “Doing something with Dryad has been a long-standing desire expressed by many of our customers”. The integration provides value-added services for authors and publications and helps publishers stay abreast of industry trends. 

For a demo of the feature set, watch the webinar recording and hear from Anton as well as representatives from Dryad, PLOS Pathogens, and American Naturalist. 

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