New features in latest Dryad release

We are happy to announce the new quarterly release of Dryad this week.  Some of the most visible enhancements in this version include:

  • One can launch a new search for data from any page using a ‘simple search’ text box.
  • All data packages and data files are now assigned DOIs.
  • The options for when to publish the data have been expanded.  Now authors can now choose to publish their data immediately upon deposit, once the article is published (default), or 1 yr post-publication (embargo).
  • The submission system “timeout” has been extended to 4 hrs to prevent browser sessions expiring before data submission is complete.  (The subsequent release will allow users to save, and return to, incomplete submissions).
  • And while less visible, the production servers for Dryad are now hosted by the North Carolina State University Library, with replication and backup at NESCent.