Editorial on data archiving

A strong editorial on data archiving is now available online in the February issue of The American Naturalist.

Authors Michael C. Whitlock, Mark A. McPeek, Mark D. Rausher, Loren Rieseberg, and Allen J. Moore present the case for the importance of data archiving in science.   This is the first of several coordinated editorials soon to appear in major journals:

To promote the preservation and fuller use of data, The American Naturalist, Evolution, the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Ecology, Heredity, and other key journals in evolution and ecology will soon introduce a new data‐archiving policy. The policy has been enacted by the Executive Councils of the societies owning or sponsoring the journals.

Citation: Am Nat 2010. Vol. 175, pp. 145–146. DOI: 10.1086/650340

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