Dryad in the community: Collaborative support for the open data lifecycle

Available to watch now: “Collaborative support for the open data lifecycle” from the January 2023 ESIP Meeting with the theme of “Opening Doors to Open Science”.

This session guides attendees through the process of data management from planning stages through data publication and beyond. Dryad’s Head of Community Engagement, Sarah Lippincott, walks through a typical open data lifecycle, which involves collaboration between researchers, librarians, data curators, and publishers, who ensure file and metadata validity, perform ethical checks, and make data available for peer review and publication.

Develop a deeper understanding of the elements of data curation and publishing an appreciation of the importance of data curation and publishing for ensuring data quality and reusability, and gain an insight into how policies such as the White House memorandum on open data affect the scholarly publishing landscape as it relates to data.


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