Dryad 1.7: save partial submissions, push data to TreeBASE, download citations, and more

The Dryad team is pleased to announce a new release (1.7)  with several powerful and much-requested features.

Dryad’s revamped submission system enables partial submissions to be saved so that authors can complete their submissions over multiple sessions, when needed. This has been the number one request from users.

credit: US National Archives

“Handshaking” is the process of coordinated data submission so that authors can use Dryad’s easy submission interface to launch a submission process at one or more specialized repositories. This not only reduces overall deposit time, but enables persistent linkages among data in the different repositories.  As a first foray into handshaking, we are offering users the option of using Dryad to send relevant data to TreeBASE, a primary repository for published phylogenetic data.

Now, users can save Dryad data citations to their favorite bibliography management program, and can also share them using any number of online social bookmarking tools.  Applications supported include EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite, BibDesk, LaTeX, RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley, delicious, Connotea, Twitter, and Facebook.

Wondering how many times your data in Dryad has been viewed or downloaded?  Dryad now displays access and download statistics for all data packages and each data file. More detailed statistics are coming in a future release.

Dryad’s faceted search interface can now be used to find related content in other repositories. Searching Dryad, users can now find related content from the Long Term Ecological Research network, which hosts a wide array of ecological and environmental science data, as well as phylogenetic data from TreeBASE.


Please explore these new features and let us know what you think  (either by email or through our feedback form).